Your Story

So you want to know what working with us will entail? We certainly don’t blame you. A personalised, bespoke vintage creation is not the kind of thing you should take lightly. Let’s go over what it’ll be like to work together.

One of the most important steps of the process, for the piece we are creating and from a client relationship standpoint, is the initial consultation. Getting to know you is one of our favourite parts of the whole journey. This is where we get to dig in to who you are, how that impacts your style, and what you truly want from your Tilly-Minx creation.

Once your bespoke piece is made, the first photos are taken and the feedback process begins. This is your chance to make the tweaks needed to make this piece feel like home. After we discuss the changes and make the necessary adaptations, we will send you photos of the finalised piece.

We have been so fortunate to receive glowing feedback from clients on the quality and level of service they receive when working with Tilly-Minx Vintage, and sheer joy at the bespoke piece they receive. You can check out the testimonial page to see some of my clients’ specific experiences.

When you boil it down, the process is about taking a piece with its own story and creating something that allows you to write the next chapters, and being part of those new memories is such an honour. story