"I wanted something different from what I found in the shops and when I saw the creations of Tilly-Minx I knew that was exactly what I wanted. I was able to say what I liked and how I wanted it to look, it was brilliant.

I loved the personal touch and being able to see all the different types of beads etc and to choose what I wanted and what suited me I was also able to have accessories that all matched, everyone at my wedding said how amazing everything looked.

I would recommend Tilly-Minx to anyone that wants a unique headdress or earrings or any wedding accessories, the products are made to your own requirements and they look fabulous. Everyone commented at my wedding on how unique and beautiful my hair looked with these wonderful accessories in. I have already recommended Tilly-Minx to my friends. Loved the experience of meeting Annette and she made everything so special for me."