Glitz & Glamour at the National Vintage Awards

999580_440826899355109_72188036_nPreparations for the NVAs started early for Tilly-Minx with all the glitz and glamour of the vintage scene it was a perfect excuse to dress up to the nines in vintage loveliness! My choice of decade for this occasion was the 1960’s and my fashion icon was Jackie Kennedy – who would you choose as your icon from the 60’s?


My dress was a 1960’s gold lurex full length with black velvet polkadots from the gorgeous Rock Follies Vintage shop in Worcester. Mr Tilly-Minx also decked out in Rock Follies loveliness!

Jewellery – original pieces from my Tilly-Minx collection
Bespoke tiara – made by me 🙂

Hair and make-up by the lovely Zara – Beautiful hair and make-up

Handbag – gold lurex from Henley Vintage and Interiors 


The day was a whirl of finishing making, sewing, ironing, nails being done, hair and make-up etc etc. I was lucky to have two of my BFfL (Janet & Rena) coming along too, so girly pampering was in order!



We arrived to the Fazeley Studious amongst a buzz and fusion of excitement! The outfits, hair, make-up, style and glitz were a feast for the eyes. With the weather being glorious we were able to have drinks outside and enjoy the spectacle.

Tim&I at the NVAs

The show was hosed by Lola Lamour who delivered in style and whooped us all up!


When it came to the Best Vintage Award being announced it was nerve racking. Congratulations to the very talented Sarah Burford from Curious Pip who won. Not only did I have trophy envy but dress envy too!

We were all delighted that Blighty Bazaar won the Best Regional Shop Award and we were able to celebrate Tilly-Minx Vintage as a finalist. As many folks said Tilly-Minx was the people’s choice with 58% of the votes! Thank you to everyone who took those few minutes to vote – all 534 of you! I’m overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. It’s put me back in contact with ex pupils, past colleagues, old friends, enabled me to make new friends, business links and share what I do with a wider audience.

Without my amazing hubby (always referred to, lovingly, as Mr Tilly-Minx) I wouldn’t have got this far. He’s one in a million!


I’m blessed to have lots of lovely friends and supporters behind  Tilly-Minx, keeping me going and being there to celebrate the successes and pick me up when the going gets tough! A huge thank you to all of you! xxx

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