Brooch Bar

Inspiration for our unique designs often springs from a vintage brooch. They're capable of evoking so many memories. Reminiscent of the style and social climate of the past they are miniature time capsules reflecting a ladies style choice and fashion statement. Or a personal reminder of a loved one.

Your accessory starting point could be a treasured family jewel tucked away in your Grandma’s draw or you could start your accessory story here at the brooch bar.

Simply choose a brooch that inspires you or complements your theme with its colour combination, sparkle, shape or design and click here to reserve it for your unique accessory. It will cost just £10.00 to reserve a brooch for a period of three weeks. During that time we will discuss your design requirements and confirm your order. Your reserve payment will then be deducted from your deposit. 

Silver Tone Diamante Floral Spray [55 x 44]

Gold Tone & Faux Pearl Leaves [65 x 44]

Gold Tone & Diamante/Pearl Leaf [55 x 35]

Gold Tone Single Flower [45 x 35]

AB Rhinestone Large Floral [dia 50]

Rainbow Rhinestone Floral Spray [60 x 25]

Gold Tone & White Enamel Flowers [50 x 35]

AB & Irresdescent Rhinestone [dia 30]

AB Rhinestone & Faux MoP Leaf [70 x 40]

Steel and Rhinestone Flower [50 x 40]

Rhinestone Triple Flower [60 x 45]

Marcasite [55 x 30]

Gold Tone Flowers [55 x 40]

Gold Tone Rhinestone Leaf [60 x 30]

Small Rhinestone Pink & Blue [dia 32]

Gold Tone Star [50 x 50]

Gold Tone AB Rhinestone [60 x 30]

Clear Rhinestone Oval [50 x 40]

Blue Leaf [52 x 35]

Rhinestone Flower [40 x 30]

Pearl Spiral [dia 65]

Gold Tone Rose [55 x 55]

Gold Tone & Blue Pearly Flowers [55 x 45]

Citrine Coloured & AB Rhinestone [dia 50]

Amber Coloured Flower Bouquet [60 x 40]

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