10 Questions to help solve your bridal hair accessory dilemma


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Brides have so much to think about when making decisions about their hair accessories. Many are concerned about making the wrong choice and put off the decision believing they will stumble across the perfect piece. Others know what they don’t want but struggle with what they do want. If you’re struggling to pin down what you want think about answering my top 10 questions:

  • Do you want to make a statement with your hair?
  • Is your dress the statement and you would like your hair accessory to be subtle?
  • Do you want to achieve height with your accessory?
  • Would you feel comfortable wearing a band?
  • Could you cope with carrying any weight on your head?
  • Will you be wearing a veil? If yes, have you thought about a hair accessory once the veil is removed?
  • What materials, textures, shapes do you like?
  • Will you want to wear the accessory on other occasions after your wedding?
  • Do you want to achieve 360 degree interest?
  • Have you discussed what your hair will hold with your hairdresser?

By answering these questions you are already honing in on your perfect accessory. A skilled accessory designer will ask intuitive questions to help you reach your decision and enable you to choose with confidence.

I love this part of the process, being able to help, advise and assist in a difficult decision.

My advice to all brides-to-be is not to buy ‘off the shelf’ you deserve something unique, special and tailor made just for you.

Read this testimonial about how I helped Helena to find her perfect accessory.

Now you’ve answered the questions find your perfect accessory by popping over to my contact page to request your one to one consultation, either online or in person.


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